One Platform, the Only One You'll Need

Transforming Individuals into a Community

Mobitti develops a smart, personalized platform for internal communication in the organization, enabling organizations in the modern employment world to optimally manage their human capital. Using Mobitti’s app, employees transform from individuals into a community, feeling a greater sense of belonging to the organization, no matter where they are.

Customized App for Your Organization (White Label)

Your logo, corporate color palette, recognizable icons, and even your font – Mobitti brands the app according to your brand language, down to the smallest detail.

Diverse Communication Interfaces

The app’s variety of communication channels are available in the most convenient way for you, ranging from personalized push messages or system messages, articles, personalized feeds, and forum management, to initiating service calls.

Always On

Mobitti is with you every step of the way so that you can maximize the system. Mobitti clients enjoy a broad range of services that include full support, performing upgrades and adjustments as needed, with a holistic view of the organization’s changing needs.

Connected in Every Way

Mobitti helps organizations improve and control all their processes without internal changes and without the need for lengthy definition and implementation processes. With advanced integration capabilities, the platform connects to the organization’s systems and operates in sync with existing infrastructures, ensuring easy and rapid interfacing and full adaptation to on-the-ground requirements.