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Mobitti for Higher Education

Until Graduation and Beyond

Mobitti assists students, academic staff, alumni, and campus visitors to enjoy optimal internal communication, manage organizational information easily, and enhance the student campus experience. For example, students can easily view their class schedules, their latest exam grades, and receive push notifications about special events. Administrative staff can book a room for a guest lecturer at the touch of a button, and all users can manage a digital wallet. Mobitti’s dedicated app provides its users with a comfortable and personalized learning experience, strengthening their connection to the academic institution.

And when life on campus is more comfortable – everyone wins.

A Glimpse into the Application

Selected Features for Students

Selected Features for Academic and Administrative Staff

Growing Together

Mobitti provides an extensive array of modules and tailor-made solutions that fully adhere to academic standards. Our development team is prepared and eager to adapt the platform to suit your organization’s specific requirements, recommend enhancements, and implement any additional application features that will advantage students, faculty, and all other users.

Why Academic Institutions Choose Mobitti?

Service Excellence

Personal, dedicated, and professional service, at all times

Support for Dispersed Organizations

Tailored for employees without a dedicated office or desk (Deskless Workers) Move, this is a feature

Maximum Security

Mobitti is equipped with international security standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27999) and conducts periodic penetration tests to protect its clients' sensitive information.


A fully customized platform tailored to the organization's focused needs and requirements.

Success Stories

How It Works


First, we define the organization's needs together. Fast and accurate.


We'll integrate with the organizational systems, tailor the necessary applications, and add features that best serve the organization and its employees.


Our training and customer success teams are here for you, to help you get the most out of the new platform and use it optimally.

Embark on a New Journey

The app is ready! This is the moment to invite all employees to join and start growing together as an organization.