Creating communities that lead to business growth

Mobitti develops smart mobile platforms for internal communication in organizations.

Implementing our dedicated app in growing organizations and leading academic institutions enables optimal communication among users, laying the foundation for building involved and empowering communities, suitable for the modern technological world. The app is ideal for any organization, company, or academic institution looking to grow, based on the understanding that the path to success goes through maximizing our human capital.

Mobitti by Numbers

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One platform, the only one you'll need!

Mobitti helps organizations improve and control all their processes, without internal changes or extended implementation. With advanced integration capabilities, the platform connects to existing organizational systems, operating on an existing infrastructure for easy and rapid access and full adaptation to on-the-ground requirements.

Fast, efficient, personalized.

Mobitti provides a broad and personalized service, including full support and tailored upgrades as needed, with a holistic view of your ever-changing organizational needs.

Mobitti for Higher Education

Mobitti's app is used by faculty and students in over 90% of Israel's academic institutions, with more than 60 institutions choosing digital innovation, which is fully adapted to candidates, students, academic and administrative staff on campus.

Mobitti for Organizations

When an organization becomes a community, everyone wins. Mobitti assists organizations across various industries to cultivate their relationship with employees and communication among them, aligning their activities with the modern employment world - wherever they are.

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